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Conducted by

ISSMGE Technical Committee TC 307
Global Society for Smart Geo-Sustainnovation (GLOSS)

Local Resilience Research Institute
Research Society of Wood Utilization in Fukui
Tobishima Corporation

IMI, Kyushu University
ISSMGE Asian Regional Technical Committee 1 (AsRTC1)


Youth Endeavour Committee of CREST2023
Kyushu University







Workshop Theme

Sustainability and Innovation in Geotechnical Engineering

Practices for Sustainable and Resilient Geotechnology

Slope Disaster Prevention in the Digital Era

Scientific Writing and Publishing

International Youth Exchange on Interdisciplinary Engagement

Workshop Overview

This workshop will be hosted by TC 307 and GLOSS with the following objectives:

(1) Present innovative, environment friendly and energy efficient geotechnical techniques through collaboration with other disciplines for site investigation, construction, monitoring, and ground improvement;

(2) Explore sustainable use of geotechnical systems and materials, including retrofitting and reuse of waste materials, foundations and other geotechnical structures;

(3) Development of sustainability indicators and assessment tools in geotechnical engineering; and

(4) Explore Geotechnical techniques involved in the exploitation of renewable energy sources, such as shallow and deep geothermal, solar and other energies

This workshop will be co-hosted by three research groups, one of which aims to create a resilient regional area together with climate change adaptation technologies, and the other of which aims to create a resilient society through the active use of wood in the geotechnical engineering field. The workshop will start with a special lecture on "Geotechnical Engineering Contribution to Climate Change and IPCC" by Kazuya Yasuhara, Professor Emeritus of Ibaraki University. After that, each group will report on their goals and actual activities.

This workshop aims to share state-of-the-art technologies for slope disaster prediction, maintenance and countermeasure based on numerical modeling and field monitoring. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen networks between participants coming from industry, government, academia and various scientific fields. This workshop promotes cross-sectoral discussions among the participants who normally have weak connections by providing three sessions, namely lecture, panel discussion and networking.

The face of scientific publishing is changing at a very fast pace. Swati Meherishi, Editorial Director-Applied Science and Engineering Springer, will speak briefly about the transitions in and the needs of the publishing world and how researchers need to prepare for it. This author workshop has been devised specifically as a resource for teaching non-native English-speaking researchers, particularly young scientists how to achieve publication success. Some of the key topics covered during this presentation are:

(1) Writing for International Publications: Structure, Style and Accuracy

(2) Selecting a Publication for your Manuscript

(3) Publication Ethics

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for students and young researchers participating in CREST 2023, as well as young researchers and engineers who will be active in their home countries and other countries after studying in Japan, to exchange views on interdisciplinary research with Japanese students, and to promote friendship among the participants of young researchers.

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