Theme 1 : Natural Geo-Disasters and Resiliency

  • Climate change related natural disasters
  • Climate change independent natural disasters
  • Disasters associated with anthropogenic activities
  • Economic aspects of disaster risk assessment and modelling

Theme 2 : Climate Change Adaptation and Innovation from the Perspective of Geoengineering

  • Innovative techniques towards low carbon footprint
  • Innovative case studies for sustainable design and construction
  • Socio–economic and environmental aspects in sustainable construction
  • Geological and hydrological aspects

Theme 3 : Geo-Sustainnovation through Disruptive Technologies

  • Information based (AI, IoT, VR, etc.) measures for natural disaster mitigation
  • Application of DX and i-Construction
  • Physical and numerical modelling of disasters and disaster mitigation techniques
  • Smart energy harvesting techniques

Theme 4 : Use of Recycled and Waste Material in Geoengineering

  • Advancement in low cost and low carbon construction techniques
  • Recycled materials (alternative geomaterials) in geotechnical constructions
  • Mechanical and constitutive properties of recycled materials
  • Management and utilization of disaster wastes

Theme 5 : Policies and Implementation for Resilient Society

  • Disaster and environment
  • Community outreach through soft type disaster mitigation measures
  • Education for sustainable development goals
  • Measures for achieving Society 5.0 goals